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  • The most important race rule is that drivers have a clean race without aggression.

  • The car behind has the all responsibility during attacking the vehicle in front.

  • The attacks and defenses of the drivers must be in accordance with the race ethics.

  • The defending driver may change direction up to 1 time on the way to the braking zone. A pilot who changes more than one direction during braking will be fined +20 seconds at the end of the race.

  • The attacking driver must be patient and should not put the driver in front in a difficult situation.

  • Drivers engaged in attacks and defenses must determine their location before arriving at the apex. The driver holds outside must hold the outer line and leave at least one space in which the vehicle will enter. Likewise, the driver holding the inner line must leave at least one space to enter even if it opens outwards.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use "Reset to Track".

  • It is strictly forbidden to ask questions or speak in a normal way during the race. +10 seconds penalty will be applied to the pilots who continue to speak after 2 warnings.

  • Drivers are obliged to record the race as long as their systems are available.

  • Drivers must participate in the races with their real name.


  • The driver, who does not participate in two races without excuse for various reasons, will be suspended from the qualifying session in the next race. If the same problem repeats, will be disbarred from the season.

  • It is strictly forbidden to leave without an excuse after entering the races. If any driver is proved to have made ALT + F4 from the races, he will be banned from the other race

  • During the race, drivers who make a speech in a way that offends the other driver/drivers are expelled from the race. If the same problem persists, he will be disbarred from the season.

  • The driver; will be penalized for +20 seconds if he intentionally touches another driver or forces them off the track. If the same situation is repeated; +30 seconds, and will be disbarred from the season if the driver style does not change and continues in the same way.

  • In the event of an unintentional contact with another driver in a careless or uncontrolled manner during the attack or defense, the driver shall be examined by the stewards and shall be sentenced to one of the +10, +20, +30, +40 seconds penalty.

  • If the driver unintentionally touched and victimized the other driver during the attack or defense, waiting for the driver to return his place may be welcomed by the stewards and mitigating the penalty.

  • The driver who used "Reset to Track" will be penaltized with the comments of the situation by the stewards

  • During the race, all drivers must obey the flags. The driver who is penalized for the yellow flag has no right to appeal. Also the driver is obliged to comply with the blue flags. A driver who fails to comply with this rule shall be examined by the stewards at the end of the race and a penalty shall be imposed if necessary.

  • It is strictly forbidden for drivers to aggressively put other drivers in a difficult situation during the formation tour and the safety car period. Drivers who behave in this way will be fined after the race.

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